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Digital guided journals and workbooks to help you uncover your true self, spark positive change, and build meaningful connections with others.

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Drawing on insights from psychology, personal development, and 13 years of journaling experience.

Live a more authentic life that feels true to you

Stay True, Live Bold is an evidence-based guided workbook, designed to help you identify your core values so you can live with more fulfillment.

  • Core values brainstorming exercise
  • Pre and post-workbook assessments
  • ‘Living your values’ action plan

Making it easier for curious folks like you who want to start or get more out of your personal growth journey

Reconnect and strengthen your bond with your partner

Guided journaling workbook based on love maps—a powerful tool for couples designed to promote connection.

  • Fun-filled activities to aid reconnection
  • Reflective exercises and prompts
  • Includes a date night planner


Tips, guides, and inspiration to help you cultivate a healthy relationship with yourself, and the people who matter most.

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