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Looking for playful, yet meaningful ways to spice up your relationship with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse?

Regardless of how long the two of you have been together? We've got four words for you: activity books for couples. We're talking everything from quizzes, conversation starters, couples journal prompts, memory journals, to activities that bring out the adventurer in you. 

And more.

If you haven't dabbled in couple activity books before, this is your time to explore. If you're already an activity book connoisseur, let's see if we can help you discover a new plaything.

Fun-Filled Activity Books for Couples

1. The Ultimate Fun Book for Couples 

Whether you’ve just met or you’re celebrating your ruby wedding anniversary, this paperback will be the perfect gift for your partner. Suitable for all ages and sexualities, the quizzes, games, and challenges will have you reconnecting while giggling away.

Each chapter takes around five minutes to complete and is great for keeping you connected during the week. 

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2. The Big Activity Book For Couples 

Filled with activities to keep you entertained all night long - this fun collection of puzzles, games, and quizzes will get you working together to win rewards. It's a given that you'll bond, but you'll also learn new things about each other.

A sure-fire way to get you away from the T.V. 

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3. Celebrate Our Love Couples Journal

With over 120 games, you'll find opportunities to discuss varying themes and reflect on your new insight. Written by a relationship counsellor, you'll delve into matters that are highly relevant to you as a couple.

Grab this as a small gift for your boyfriend. Something fun to do while chilling on the sofa.

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4. The Couple's Activity Book: 70 Interactive Games to Strengthen Your Relationship

If you're looking for something light-hearted and carefree, without the heaviness or pressure that sometimes comes with journaling, this is the book for you.

Each chapter is based on different mood states, so you can pick an activity that suits your mood at the time. You'll even find themed activities to spice up your date nights.

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5. The Happy Couple Gratitude Journal

When life becomes hectic, it's easy to fall into the rut of just doing things - without stopping to smell the flowers. This journal is all about taking the time to pause and appreciate the life you're building with your SO.

A moment of intentional thinking at night, or in the morning, will keep your relationship healthy. Even when times are tough. Use the blank lines to record your moments of gratitude, and find comfort in the handpicked quotes dotted throughout this journal.  

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Fill-in-the-Blank Books for Couples

1. Little Things I Love About You

Fill-in books for couples are popular. Firstly, you don't have to rack your brain for romantic, cute, or sweet prompts. And secondly, once complete, they make great keepsake gifts for your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse.

Inside you'll find 52 fill-in-the-blank prompts to help you record all the things you love about your other half. Whether you’re recalling the cute things he or she says, or the little moments of appreciation that often go unnoticed.  

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2. The Story of Us Journal

front cover of story of us journal with yellow background

Your first kiss was a special milestone in your relationship. So was the first date. These split-second moments stay in your mind forever, but what if you could capture them in a book? 

This sweet journal prompts you to share your early experiences, feelings, and memories. There's also plenty of creative space to add treasured photos, doodles, and mementos of your love. A great fill-in-th- blank journal for young couples to record their story.

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3. I Wrote a Book About You

When you’re looking for a personalised, and romantic present for your significant other, spare a thought for this little gem.

The prompts in this perfectly illustrated edition will help you remind your partner of the good times, fun memories, and just how crazy you are about him or her. It's the ultimate ego booster.

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Colouring Books for Couples

1. Romantic Miniatures Colouring Book

If you're looking for some colouring fun with added romantic warmth, the Romantic Miniatures Colouring Book promises plenty of scenes to make you, and your lover go aww.

Offering teeny designs that aren't too complicated colour, these illustrations are simply adorable. So snuggle up, and get your colouring pencils out. 

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2. Romantic Country Scenes Coloring Book

Over 30 idyllic illustrations for the true romantic at heart. This is a great gift for colourists who enjoy realistic country landscapes. The illustrations are printed on one side, and perforated, making it super easy for the two of you to remove the pages you want, and colour them in together.

Allow this book to be the inspiration for conversations about romantic getaways, picnic dates, and new adventures you might want to experience one day.

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3. Love Quotes Inspirational Colouring Book

The illustrations are less structured than a traditional colouring book, but if you enjoy doodling romantic quotes and sayings, you'll find joy and oodles of relaxation in this book.

There are 40 illustrations, which are single sided - making it easy to frame, and then gift individual love quotes to your partner.

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4. Paint by Sticker: Music Icons

For the couple who love music, this paint by sticker book could be the perfect creative outlet on a rainy day. Or any day the inspiration takes you.

There are several iconic images of big stars like Beyoncé, Prince, David Bowie, and Cher. Your mission is to add colour to the scene, in a paint-by-numbers style. Does this activity sound like your thing? Check it out.

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Couples Books That Spark Conversation

1. You & Me Couples Journal

You & Me Couples Questions Book Cover

Here's a couples conversation starter with 365 prompts and questions that’ll keep you connecting all year long. From the deep and meaningful, to the tender and sexy.

There are blank lines for you and your partner under each prompt. You can decide to write in your journal once a day, or whenever the mood takes you.  

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2. Date Night In: A Journal for Couples Connection

Do you enjoy making lists? Because you'll be doing just that and more with this journal.

And we're not talking about boring shopping lists. But lists that inspire you to think of your similarities and differences, things you love about each other, and more. Plus a sprinkling of imaginative activities, games and quizzes. Also, the illustrations are 😍

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3. One Question a Day for You & Me (Three Year Journal)

How interesting would it be to reflect on how you've progressed as a couple over the last year, or three? This journal was made with that purpose in mind.

You'll find insightful prompts and questions, with space for the both of you to write your answers. It's the same prompt every year for three years. Do you still laugh at the same things? Express your love for each other in the same way? Are you curious to see how your relationship has grown? 

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Adventurous Activity and Coupon Books for Couples

1. Our Bucket List: Memory Making Journal for Couples

You've probably got a list of goals, dreams, and new adventures you'd like to experience one day. That's probably true for your other half too. So why not pool your ideas together in a couples bucket list?

Use this journal to help you identify, plan, review, and journal about your top 50 bucket list items. You'll find over 200 ideas across multiple categories, as well as space for you to add your own ideas, and photos.

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2. Do One Thing Every Day Together: A Journal for Two

A journal that encourages you to create a snapshot of your relationship - something you can look back on in years to come. You don’t even need to spend time thinking, as the prompts are already there for you. 

So grab that pen, write down your answers, and reflect on the uniqueness of your relationship.

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3. Kama Sutra Workout: Work Hard, Play Harder

Now, this is a book that promises great things... in the bedroom (or wherever).

With graphic diagrams and easy-to-follow instructions, you'll find your sexercise stride in next to no time. If you want to be more sensual, sexually limber, and possibly more toned, try a few workouts from this book.

Go on. It'll be fun! 

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4. Sweet & Romantic Coupon Book for Couples

Add random acts of romance to your relationship with this sweet coupon book.

What makes this a special couples activity, is the intention behind the giving. Every time a coupon is cut out and redeemed, it's a declaration of love and devotion. 

You could either give the whole coupon book to your SO, and have them pick a romantic gesture whenever the mood strikes. Or, you can dish them out as little love IOUs at your leisure.

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Quiz and Puzzle Books for Couples

1. The Quiz Book for Couples

Quizzes are fun. How about you, your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse, a bottle of vino, and this quiz book.

It's suitable for couples who have been together a while, as well as those in newer relationships. Are you up for the challenge of seeing how much you know about your special human?

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2. How Well Do You Really Know Your Partner?

This is a cheeky little quiz book, that'll have you competing with your partner (but hopefully in a healthy way). 

There's a good variety of questions covering different topics, and scenarios, as well as games like 'would you rather?' or 'have you ever?' The two of you could have a lot of fun with this quiz book.

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3. The Couple's Quiz Book: 350 Fun Questions to Energize Your Relationship

This quiz book is split into two halves; the first has you focusing on who you are. You'll both get to ask each other questions about your family, favourite (and not so favourite things), and what makes you tick as an individual. 

The second half quizzes you as a couple - long-term plans, dreams, and goals - helping you to imagine your future together. 

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4. Pillow Talk Trivia for Couples

With so many quizzes around building an emotional connection, the sexy often gets relegated to a tiny section. Pillow Talk keeps you focused on the sexier topics, with games that test your sexual knowledge, and prowess in the bedroom. 

The rewards are intimate. And if you're feeling extra naughty, you can turn up the stakes by playing this in public. If you dare.

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5. Think You Know it All?: Activity Book for Grown-Ups

Ready to dig into your school days, and regurgitate what you learned about literature, geography, and a world of other topics?

Unlike those school days, this is one 'text' book you can scribble, doodle, and write all over, as you test your general knowledge. And it's okay if you really don't know it all, as you'll find the answers at the back of the book. 

Planning a road trip with your SO? Looking for some in-car entertainment? Here you go. 

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6. The Mindfulness Puzzle Book

Are you and your partner always on the go? How about slowing down, and unwinding with this collection of mindfulness puzzles?

This book takes classic kids activities like colouring pages, dot-to-dots, mazes, and spot-the-difference puzzles, and adapts them for adults. It'll give you the chance to relax and de-stress as you find your creative flow.

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As you can see, there are a range of activity books for couples, that promise to entertain, educate and help deepen your relationship. If we've missed one of your favourites, drop us a line, or leave us a comment below. 

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