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  • gripe pad notepad flatlay

    Gripe Pad: Manage Relationship Conflicts

    £6.00 GBP

    A better way to vent your frustrations (and stop potential arguments).

    Relationship gripes. Here’s guessing you have a few.

    Smelly socks strewn over the bedroom floor. Unwashed mugs festering in the kitchen sink. Wet towels left soaking in the shower room.

    It’s enough to push you off the edge. But instead of unleashing the wrath of a million icy death stares, and a few choice words, what if you tried a different approach?

    The gripe pad is a tool that helps manage relationship conflict by allowing you to communicate your frustrations in a healthier way.

    When an offence takes place, write out what’s annoying you, how it makes you feel and what you need from the ‘offender’ going forward.

    Once you’ve filled in your parts, hand your gripe to said offender. They sign the declaration promising to do better, and all is right with the world.

    Great for bickering couples, friends, and coworkers.



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  • I've got this notepad flatlay

    I’ve Got This: Daily To-Do List Notepad

    £6.00 GBP

    Make managing your daily to-do list that bit easier, with this handbag-sized planner notepad.

    It’s simple to use and doesn’t take up too much desk space. Become the queen of prioritisation by using the sections ‘Do first’, ‘Do later’, ‘Do tomorrow’ to sort your urgent from your non-urgent. Because let’s face it, there’s only so much you can get done in one day.

    Start planning your days with more intention.



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