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  • printable gratitude journal pages on ring binder with men

    30 Days of Gratitude Printable Journal

    £5.00 GBP

    Cultivate more positivity, fulfillment, and appreciation with this 30-day printable gratitude journal.

    When you’re intentional about counting your blessings, good things happen. You become happier, more joyful, and less stressed when challenges come a-knocking.

    This 37-page journal is designed to help you stop, take a breath, and recognise all the good within and around you. Yes, even in the moments when life is sucking hard and everything feels bleak.

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  • printable journaling pages worksheets for couples with pen, closed ring binder and notebook

    Fight Clean. Not Dirty: Printable Journal & Worksheets for Managing Relationship Conflict

    £12.00 GBP

    Tired of having heated arguments with your significant other? You know, the kind of arguments that start with dirty dishes in the sink, then escalate into a full-blown fight about E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

    Okay, so maybe your arguments aren’t this dramatic.

    Still, you recognise there are areas where communication could be better in your relationship.

    “Fight Clean. Not Dirty” is a 65-page PDF journaling tool for helping you and your partner navigate relationship conflict in a healthy way. Based on research in the fields of conflict resolution and communication, you’ll find 50 guided prompts, and exercises/worksheets to help you:

    • Explore how you handle disagreements.
    • Reflect on problems and challenges as a couple.
    • Express your needs in an open, and honest way.
    • Feel heard, understood, and valued.
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  • Printable couples relationship check-in journaling pages on solid colour background

    Just Checking In: Relationship Check-In Printable Journal for Couples

    £8.00 GBP

    Are the two of you still in sync? Or do you feel like you’re drifting apart?

    Use this printable relationship check-in journal to get back on the same page. It’ll you to conduct regular relationship or marriage meetings where you can both reflect on ways you can become better, more loving partners.

    Six reasons to get this:

    • Carefully crafted prompt questions designed to help you bond
    • Communicate your needs, feelings, and desires in an intentional way.
    • Feel seen, heard, and understood in your relationship.
    • See what’s working well, so you can do more of that.
    • See what’s not working well, so you can do less of that.
    • Work together to resolve conflict, reduce stress and increase bliss.
    • Develop a healthy relationship/couples journaling habit.
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  • printable guided journaling pages couples worksheets with binder and journal

    Reconnect: Guided Prompt Journaling Pages and Couples Worksheets

    £12.00 GBP

    Are you feeling a little disconnected from your significant other? You know, you’re so caught up in life – kids, work, family, that you forget to make time to stoke the romantic fires of your relationship?

    With guided journaling prompts based on love maps—a really useful tool that helps couples learn more about each other— this printable will help you set the scene for establishing a deeper connection with your S.O.

    • Reminisce over the memories of your early dating life.
    • Rediscover what you love and appreciate about each other.
    • Be more intentional about planning regular date nights.
    • Work together to solve problems and issues as a team.
    • Learn about and communicate with each other in a novel way.
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