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  • story of us couples journal

    The Story of Us Couples Journal

    £18.99 GBP

    Who doesn’t love those cute couple-y moments? When out of nowhere you turn to your partner and ask ‘do you remember the first time we met?’

    Your eyes lock. You start smiling. Before you know it you’re cuddling on the sofa. Engrossed in a conversation about your initial impressions, your most romantic date, who said the ‘L’ word first…

    Think of The Story of Us Journal, as the facilitator of those magical conversations. With questions and prompts that get you bonding a little deeper. Reminisce about your early dating life, remember why you fell in love, and discover new things about each other.

    There’s plenty of space for you to write about all those nostalgic moments, and capture funny stories. Even add photos, doodles or drawings (if that’s your thing).

    Fancy a sentimental trip down memory lane?



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